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Dec 01, 2022


TK Bakery棠记兄弟饼家 每月专属棠记会员的福利从不缺席!
12月份会员抽奖好康 这就来啦~
在 2022年12月1日-31日 活动期间,凡通过棠记E-store下单或光临任一门店,并在同一账单内消费满RM15 的棠记会员,即可获得一次参与棠记特别抽奖的机会而每消费满RM25,就能同时获得两次抽奖机会哦!

二等奖:价值RM100的TK App积分(10份)


TK Member Monthly Privilege for December is here!We are still giving away RM5000 in CASH this month!

From 1st till 31st of December 2022, every TK MEMBER who spend RM15 and above in a single receipt at TK Bakery can stand a chance to win RM5000 as the grand prize!
Another ⿡⿠x RM100 TK App Credit will also be given away as 2nd prizes.
It’s ONE entry for every RM15 spent OR you may want to get TWO entries at once for our Lucky Draw with just a minimum purchase of RM25 & above in a single receipt!

Lucky Draw winners will be announced on x of January.
Visit any TK Bakery outlet or just order via our E-store to join the lucky draw!Who knows if you are the luckiest one!
*Terms & Conditions apply
*For TK members only

赶快下载棠记APP即可免费成为棠记会员 Easily download TK App to become member for FREE

TK Website:

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Terms & Conditions :

  1. RM5000 lucky draw is applicable for TK Members only.
  2. System will auto count on each entries entitlement for each TK members.
  3. The entry (ies) calculation as per below:
    1. Spend RM15 – 1 entry
    2. Spend RM25 – 2 entries
    3. Spend RM40 – 3 entries
    4. Spend RM50 – 4 entries
    5. Spend RM65 – 5 entries
    6. Spend RM75 – 6 entries
    7. Spend RM90 – 7 entries
    8. Spend RM100 – 8 entries
    9. Spend RM115 – 9 entries
    10. Spend RM125 – 10 entries
    11. And so on…
  4. Each entries will be calculated from every transaction.
  5. Combine receipt to get higher entries is restricted.
  6. No limit entries for all TK Members
  7. VIP and Staff level are restricted from participate in the lucky draw.
  8. Valid for TK Bakery E-Store & In- Store purchases.
  9. Valid with purchase of other promotions, discount, or voucher.
  10. Date of Lucky Draw session will be announced via Social Media.
  11. Photo shooting and video recording will be held during prizes presentation for all winners.
  12. Photo & video will be used for advertising purpose.
  13. TK Bakery reserved the rights to change, modify, add or delete portion of the terms & conditions at anytime, without prior notice


  • 只限TK Bakery App会员参与此优惠
  • 系统会自动计算每个会员所得的参与名额次数
  • 名额次数计算方式如以下:
    • 消费 RM15 1 个名额
    • 消费 RM25 2 个名额
    • 消费 RM40 3 个名额
    • 消费 RM50 4 个名额
    • 消费 RM65 5 个名额
    • 消费 RM75 6 个名额
    • 消费 RM90 7 个名额
    • 消费 RM100 8 个名额
    • 消费 RM115 9 个名额
    • 消费 RM125 10 个名额
    • 以此类推。。。
  • 名额次数是计算于每一张单独收据。
  • 联合收据以计算名额次数是不允许的。
  • 每个会员的名额次数没有限制。
  • VIP和员工不允许参与此抽奖活动。
  • 只接受店内或棠记官方网页线上购买的收据。
  • 抽奖日期会在FB公布。
  • 得奖主将会被采访,拍照以及拍摄短片用于营销活动。
  • 限定时间限量销售,卖完为止!
  • 棠记保留随时更改,修改,添加或删除部分条款和条件的权利。
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