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Brand Story

The Origin

In year 1935, Mr Hoong Wah and wife, Madam Loh Han migrated to Kuala Lumpur from Guangdong, China with their 3 children, Heng Tong, Khoong Kin and Yoong Heow. They settled down in Kuala Lumpur and were blessed with four more children, Heng Chuan, Heng Soon, Yoong Oi and Yoong Kwan.

In the early 50’s, Mr Hoong Wah started a small dim sum business called, “Tong Kee Brothers Buns and Dim Sum”, named after his eldest son’s given name, Tong, hoping all his seven children will work together as a team in succeeding the family business. The dim sum business sustained until the late 60’s.

The Revolution

In 1969, the Hoongs understood that progressive revolution was the key to endless improvement, hence, sending the youngest brother, Heng Soon to work and explore new culinary skills from his uncle in Hong Kong. Within a short span of 3 months, he managed to master the Chinese cuisine and dim sum culinary skill. Tong Kee’s best seller, egg tart, is the secret recipe which he brought back from this experience. Meanwhile, his mentor was renowned dim sum master, Chef Lui.

In 1970, “Tong Kee Buns and Dim Sum” was revamped and given a new name, “Tong Kee Brothers Confectionery”, mainly producing egg tarts, buns, chicken pies, and mooncakes, sold in a coffee house in Petaling Street. Tong Kee brand’s popularity started to spread like wild fire ever since, and its egg tarts were so famous to many throughout the country.

The Evolution

In 1983, Tong Kee Brothers Confectionery owned its first outlet in Pudu.

In 1996, another outlet was established in the same area to accommodate the growing production volume and at the same time, started producing western pastries.

In 2000, Malaysia’s most popular supermarket, Jaya Jusco (now known as Aeon) invited Tong Kee to market its products in their food section in Mid Valley, 1 Utama and Cheras Maluri branches. Since then, Tong Kee has established its footprint within the modern trade market, boosting its popularity to a higher level.

The Progression

In 2004, Tong Kee achieved another milestone by establishing more outlets and within 9 years, Tong Kee set up a total of 8 branches, catering its finest oriental and western pastries. In 2010, Tong Kee took another step further by establishing its centralized production house to enhance quality control. Various types of new cakes and pastries were also introduced.

Despite the progressive changes Tong Kee went through throughout the years, Tong Kee is symbolic to preserving its traditional taste without being stagnant or lacking due to vast modernization. Its brand was revamped to suit the newer generation while maintaining the loyalty among its existing customers. In 2012, Tong Kee created a new product range called TKlicious, a type of assorted mini cakes which are produced with natural ingredients, to cater the younger market.

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