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Brand Philosophy

  1. Quality Control
    No mass production. Only limited branches.
    Selected ingredients of high quality is number one priority.
  2. Fresh selected ingredients
    Tong Kee uses natural and fresh ingredients of high quality, like flour, butter, eggs, sugar and others in its production. Every step is made with skill and traditional techniques, including the natural fermentation process.
    Texture of pastries is top priority
    Despite the wide usage of machinery in the industry, more than half of Tong Kee’s productions are still handmade, to maintain the taste and texture. Every day before dawn, Tong Kee’s pastry chefs are busy pressing the egg tart dough into respective mould by hand. Meanwhile, at the baking department, the chef monitors the oven closely and ensures the doughs are baked thoroughly under balanced heat. The same method is used for the products like buns, chicken pies and other pastries too.
    Strict quality control
    The quality control team is utterly strict. This team, which consists of experienced pastry chefs, operation department experts and other representatives, visits the branches for weekly audit to ensure the best quality provided at each branch. Aspects audited include food taste, colour, shape and display, as well as cleanliness and service quality.
  3. Passion & Sincerity
    Baking every piece with professionalism and first class ingredients.
  4. Freshly baked breakfast ready every 6 am<
    The aroma of baking pastries and buns is so familiar to the residents of Pudu. Every morning, Tong Kee starts baking at 3 am and selling at 6 am to ensure everyone, especially students and office workers, is able to launch their day with freshly baked pastries for breakfast.
    Trusted brand
    Tong Kee insists on giving the best quality food to its customers because it is producing food for themselves too. “Food for myself and family” is the standard set. Therefore, Tong Kee uses ingredients of best quality, with no added preservatives and additives, suitable for the whole family. In addition, Tong Kee mooncakes are wrapped with imported anti-bacterial packaging.
    No preservatives despite late release of mooncakes
    Usually, various brands of mooncakes are being sold around the fifth lunar month. Tong Kee starts selling its mooncakes in the seventh lunar month. This is due to its dedication and perseverance in not adding preservatives in its mooncakes and to assure freshness.
  5. The Spirit of Professionalism
    To gain success, never rush to the top. Thus, move forward one step at a time.
    Togetherness moves you even further. Never despair with the outcome created and shared, on the other hand cherish them.
  6. - Hoong Wah, founder of Tong Kee.
    Steady progression
    The second and third generations of Tong Kee lives by the legacy of the founder, Mr. Hoong Wah. They work in steady yet progressive pace. Despite multiple ups and downs throughout these 40 years, Tong Kee has progressed so much,establishing its footprint in the industry.
    Although all members of the second generation of Tong Kee have reached their retirement age, they are still supporting and working together with the third generation as a strong team. They display the spirit of professionalism and persistence, being role models to the younger generation.
    Traditional skills and techniques
    Efficiency and speed are important. Many industry players have replaced traditional baking techniques to other simplified methods and also using instant food ingredients to save time and energy. Tong Kee is preserving their traditional baking techniques and insisting in using the non-instant ingredients in their baking process.
    Your companion in every celebration
    Tong Kee has been accompanying everyone in every celebration. Baby full moon, birthday, wedding and others are some. We have always been with you for 40 years and counting.
  7. Progressive Innovation
    Innovate to progress. Never stop improving,Understand the ever-changing market trend.
  8. Product diversification
    In order to reach out to a wider market, besides its renowned egg tarts, buns, kaya puffs, almond biscuits and others,Tong Kee also produces new products like Swiss rolls, various types of western breads and pastries to attract more customers of younger age range. Tong Kee believes “there must be one for every one”.
    Brand rejuvenation
    Besides diversification, Tong Kee also rejuvenates its branding and corporate image. Tong Kee engages with a professional advertising company to help improving and prolonging its brand image and lifespan, preserving tradition at its best while going through modernization.
    Systematic management
    To achieve business expansion, Tong Kee has grown into a more corporate management where it emphasizes on systematic protocols, without losing its “human touch” within the company. Tong Kee also accentuates talents training because it believes talents are the utmost important treasures of the company.
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