Note: the delivering time is within the (1hr 30 mins) selected order time frame, subject to delay due to bad weather, traffic jam and roadblock

Weather Condition Delay
In the event of rain or bad weather condition, please do expect delay on our delivery service. This is to ensure the safety of our deliverers and the product quality. Our deliverers will be en route with the orders once the weather permits.

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  • 1 Days
    Pre Order 1 Days
Kitkat Donut
RM 3.90
  • 1 Days
    Pre Order 1 Days
Polo Bun
RM 4.20
  • 1 Days
    Pre Order 1 Days
RM 2.70
Sardine Bun
RM 3.30
Octosage Bun
RM 3.40
TK Curry Bun
RM 3.60
RM 3.70
Coconut Bun
RM 2.70
Hotdog Roll
RM 3.10
Butter Bun
RM 2.70
Red Bean Bun
RM 2.80
Kaya Bun
RM 2.90
Garlic Stick
RM 3.60