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In the event of rain or bad weather condition, please do expect delay on our delivery service. This is to ensure the safety of our deliverers and the product quality. Our deliverers will be en route with the orders once the weather permits.

About Us


TK Bakery (formerly known as Tong Kee Brothers Confectionery) has been a household name for a few generations since its establishment, especially to residents in Klang Valley. Tong Kee's best seller, egg tarts, are baked daily to ensure freshness and quality, loved for its flaky outer crust and smooth egg custard throughout the decades.

TK Bakery (formerly known as Tong Kee Brothers Confectionery) was founded in Malaysia by the late Mr Hoong Wah, the 72nd generation of Confucius. Continuing the success of the founder, the business was handed over to his seven children – 4 sons and 3 daughters. Upholding their father’s legacy, the Hoong siblings ran the business wholeheartedly with togetherness and unity. Today, Tong Kee is managed by the Hoong's third generation with extensive assistance and support from the second generation.

TK Bakery (formerly known as Tong Kee Brothers Confectionery) was established in 1970. Started by selling 30 egg tarts a day, approximately 10,000 Tong Kee egg tarts are sold daily now in all branches. In 2019, TK Bakery been awarded as The Largest Egg Tart Retailer by The Malaysia book of Records. This is definitely the result of immense passion and dedication of the Hoong family and their faithful staff.

Besides the famous egg tarts, Tong Kee is also favoured for their mooncakes. Insisting only to produce mooncakes with selected high quality ingredients, Tong Kee mooncakes are prominent for its freshness and taste, with no added preservatives.

For 40 years, Tong Kee has been dedicated to retain the traditional skills and techniques in its baking process, aspiring to uphold and pass on the rich culture of the Chinese from one generation to another.